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Posted on Feb 27, 2013

A recent trip to Leeds visiting two wonderful bookshops, Colours May Vary and The Village Bookstore, left my bags full of some great magazines. Too many to mention but these are some of my favourite bits from the six mags I picked up.


Aperture – winter 2012. Events Ashore by An-My Lê



Capricious – Water. A superb publication, this issue entitled water with pictures by Charlotte de Mezamat, Stepanka Peterka and Christopher Borrok.




Ursula Jernberg – Characters of Jante. 4 page fold-around with a 36 page unbound book inside. Stunning images inspired by the book En flyktning krysser sitt spor (A fugitive crosses his tracks) by Norwegian writer Aksel Sandemose (circa 1930).







Aperture – spring 2013. Revisiting the Garry Winogrand archive. Probably my favourite photographer of all time. This article looks at some of the six thousand rolls of unedited film he left after his death in 1984.




Blow – issue six. Another beautiful publication highlighting documentary photographers from all over the world. This latest issue features, (amongst others), Gihan Tubbeh, Nadia Sablin, Mateusz Sarello, Christophe Agou and Andrej Krementschouk.






Apartmento – issue ten. Described on the cover as an ‘everyday life interiors magazine’, this edition features the fascinating story of Esther Mahlangu, a native South African who has found fame with her extraordinary designs she paints on houses in her local village.



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