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The first ever truly Scottish beer

Posted on Oct 14, 2016

For the past year or so St Andrews Brewery in Fife, Scotland has been trying to produce a truly Scottish beer using water, yeast, barley & hops sourced or grown only in Scotland. The water, yeast and barley can easily be locally sourced but growing hops is notoriously difficult in more northerly climates, brewers in Scotland get their hops from the south of England where they thrive in the long warm summer days. After working with the Hutton Institute in Dundee where they successfully grew a very healthy batch of hops they have finally done it. I went along to see the hops being harvested and the wet hop beer being brewed at the brewery. St Andrews have named their new brew Harvest Beer, and it’s ‘probably’ the world’s first truly Scottish beer.. Cheers!














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  1. Colin Wiseman
    22nd October 2016

    Great to have you there on brew day Peter! Longer than expected but all that strong black coffee kept us going!!!


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